Industry Reputation

Our Customer Reviews

Ken S., President,
Extreme Environment Electronics Manufacturer

"I have worked with Scott and his brothers at Royal T Manufacturing for over 20 years, and found that they always quote me fair prices and meet their delivery commitments.

They do great work, even when I have asked them to make things that go a bit outside their normal comfort zone. I could not have a better business-to-business relationship with them. Thanks, guys!"

E. Dickson, Supply Chain Manager,
Media Provider Hardware Manufacturer


"My original decision to purchase fabricated metal assemblies from Royal T Manufacturing was made in part by their quick and competent response to my technical questions; their high level of product quality, competitive pricing, and timely delivery kept me coming back.

I can say without reservation that the people at RTM provide prompt, courteous, and outstanding customer service with a very high level of product quality and timely delivery. I would never hesitate doing business with them!”  

C. V.,  Buyer,
Luxury Spa Manufacturer

"Royal T and our company have been doing business for a lot of years and we have had a great partnership every step of the way. They are a very professional crew and the products that they manufacture for us are accurate and to our specs every time.

Their replenishment program really works well and saves the purchasing department a lot of work and time in re-orders. With this replenishment program they always have some inventory ready to deliver with a quick phone call if we have a requirement spike on one of the parts, which we have had a few times.

Their product deliveries are always on time as shown on our monthly performance report cards; their reports are always straight A’s. We wish all of our suppliers were as top-notch as Royal T and we definitely highly recommend them." 

A. Baker, Purchasing Supervisor,
Dental Equipment Manufacturer

 "Our company has been working with Royal T Manufacturing for many years now, and for over 10 of those years I have had the pleasure of working with them. They are an amazing company to work with and we have had a very successful partnership with them.

They introduced to us the Replenishment Agreement which is an amazing tool that helps cut down inventory levels, labor of managing blanket orders and helps accommodate spikes in demand. We love this program so much we have adopted it to use with many other suppliers.

I would highly recommend Royal T Manufacturing to you to add to your supplier base. You won't regret it!"  

A. T. , Purchasing,
Assistive Printer Manufacturer

"The RTM generated replenishment agreement is a great way to keep inventory levels, cost and lead times down. It also allows our company to produce a high volume of printers with a minimum number of personnel."